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Hi, my name is Ally and I'm 10  years old.

 I've been drawing designs for special event note cards for a year now.

I'm excited that this is my second effort for kids with special needs.

The name of my project for autistic children is "Whose Shoes?" -

because you can't tell if someone has autism by looking at their shoes!


In October I will participate in the Walk Now for Autism Carolinas event to raise money.

Come walk with me!

Here are my note card designs for National Autism Awareness Month in April.


Whose Shoes? ~ Walk Now for Autism 


   ~ These images represent actual folded note cards which are blank inside ~

Click on these 34arrows below to advance cards & on thumbnail to enlarge


Group & Package

I hope you like the shoes you see on my note cards!  

Please click   to make your $15 donation and receive my pack of 10 Whose Shoes? note cards.

My Endangered Species Cards are printed on 4 x 5 fine silk cardstock with sparkles.

Whether or not you decide to join me in the October Walk,

by ordering my cards, you will automatically become a member of the CellaBrations Team.


You are also invited to visit our page on the Walk Now for Autism link below.

There you will find more information on the Walk Now for Autism date and events.

See just how much your contribution makes a difference!


Every person you treasure deserves  "CellaBrations!"

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