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Wanda, a UPS driver in Tennessee, says she received one of our Christmas cards from a friend & said it was the most beautiful Christmas card she’d ever seen. She adds that she doesn't usually save cards, but she has saved this one….


Carol in Reno tells us,”Your Christmas card was outstandingly beautiful....and the poetry incredible..Thank you for your gift of creativity....”


Nicole, the owner of the Gift Gallery here in Charlotte  comments that she has patrons who buy the CellaBrations! occasional cards in groups to package as gifts – not to give with a gift – to use as gifts!


Marjorie in Walkerton, IN  wrote us about a  friend from church who’d  remarked what a beautiful Christmas card she’d sent her. She said it was probably the most unusual and attractive card of all she’d received. 


Regina in Charlotte, N.C says, “I have never received so many wonderful responses as I did from your Christmas cards… with people asking, ‘Where did you buy them? Never saw anything like them!’” 


Royce in Charlotte made it a point to tell Joan who sent her the card,  that she rarely saves Christmas cards….She said she’d had this one framed after receiving so many favorable comments from family and friends who saw it on her bookshelf….That she hadn’t done this before with a card, but she’s happy she did because now she can enjoy it all year long!


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